Artist and Makers Invite

Thank you for your interest in the mission and vision of Reclaim Community’s work to use architecture and arts to sustainably grow and transform the community around Jasper, MN. We are working to build a powerful network of artists, crafters, makers and visionaries who see potential in the opportunities that historic buildings can offer, and we are also pursuing ways to incorporate more arts into the events in the community, and grants in order to realize those plans.

If you would like to join our list of interested artists and makers, and would like us to contact you with opportunities to submit Requests for Proposals for any projects or grants we are applying for, Arts Festivals we are planning, etc, or surveys regarding how our organization can better support and promote the arts in SE SD and SW MN, please fill out this form. The input and participation from artists of all kinds will be critical in helping us develop rehabilitation plans for our buildings, and programs to support area artists.
We look forward to working with you!

paint brushes on art board
Thank you for your interest in connecting with us. If you have questions in the future, please reach out to us via our email: [email protected] or by checking our website or find us on Facebook!
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