Volunteer Artist Sign Up for Pet Portraits

Would you like to help Reclaim Community raise money to purchase dehumidifiers for our Jasper School building? We need your help. We are looking for 15-20 artists willing to donate some time to do pet portraits!

Once we have enough artists we will open up photo submissions.

Here’s how it works: Each person makes a donation for a pet portrait. We email their photo submission to YOU, our pool of artists, and you create a unique pet portrait from their image. However, they won’t know if they’re getting a true masterpiece or something hilarious from one of our volunteer “artists.” Be creative, and use whatever medium you prefer! We would like to ask our artists to finish the portrait within 7 days, please use an 8 by 10 or 8.5 by 11 size paper when creating it.

Once finished, then photograph the portrait and email it to us. We forward it to the donor, and publish the before and after on our Facebook, social media and website, and promote your skills!

We hope this will be a very positive experience for all volunteers, and that this will promote your talents and lead to more art commissions for you after the fundraiser ends, if you wish!

painting of kittens

Thank you for volunteering to help Reclaim Community!

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