Food Forest Supply Drive

Spring is almost here, and we have some urgent needs for our first project of 2021, and we hope you’ll help us out! Its time to get in the garden and get a little dirty. We have a BIG job that requires more volunteer hands to accomplish.

We just started a drive to collect the necessary materials to begin installing of our public Food Forest this spring, and we have a list of things to get. Would you like to sponsor some of our materials for this? We need to get these things collected as soon as possible.
We are happy to accept used items in functional condition, if you have some of them you no longer need- or you can choose to sponsor donations for, or purchase new ones as well! Detailed information on the things we are looking for is found below. We do not necessarily need the exact items that we have linked to, but as long as the sizing and noted features we specify in the list are the same, you can find them at any store that is convenient for you!

Materials Needed

Marking Wand 34″ wheel or 12″ gun
Marking Chalk -marking where to plant trees, mulch, etc
Marking Flags (light colors are best)
Coated Garden Wire – around 50 feet needed, light colors are best
Garden Hoses
Rope/twine/line – anything similar to this , color isn’t important
T-Posts – qty needed: 44
T-Post Clips – qty needed: 88
4-Foot Welded Wire Fencing440 feet total needed
2 Foot High Welded Wire Mesh with 1×1” or 1×2” openings or chicken wire – 688 feet total
Commercial Grade Tent Stakes – qty needed: 44
Plastic or bamboo poles for shrub cages – qty needed: 236
Tree Trunk protectors – qty needed: 34. Something like THIS or like THIS
Heavy duty wire cutters
angle grinder
Cardboard Boxes– TONS of them, the bigger the better!
Straw Mulch/Bales – Something like This kind will work, but also any regular old Straw Bales. If they are 2 stringer- 438 quantity needed. (need less than that of 3-stringer straw or large round bales) Each bale covers approximately 24.5 square ft, and we need to cover around 11,000 square feet total. We can do wood, straw or a mixture of the two to cover that size of an area.
Wood Mulch – For a 3” depth we would need 106.25 cubic yards for the whole area
Landscape Border – around 400 feet. We are not picky on styles, here are some examples of what we are talking about: Wood style. Plastic style
Wheel Barrows
– 2 or 3, two wheel on front preferred if possible

Donate here to help purchase of some of these items! Add a note if you’d like to specify which item you’re sponsoring.

Now on to the good stuff – THE PLANTS!

These are the plants we need to get in order to install this spring. Do you have some that you can divide at home and share? Do you know a great place to get some of these, or perhaps know a garden store or farmer that might be willing to donate something?
OR would you be willing to purchase one or a few of these for us? Contact us to arrange pick up or drop off items that you track down!

Strawberry, cultivated
Groundplum Milkvetch
Purple Poppy Mallow
Tulip – Non-hybrid
Perennial flax
Blackeyed susan
Showy Wild Garlic
Heuchera, coral bells, alumroot
Wild Lupine
Sweet Goldenrod

Wild Indigo
Anise Hyssop
Common Milkweed
Garden Orach
Cup plant
Tarragon, French
Annual Sunflower
New Jersey Tea

Sour Cherry Tree
Apple – Semi Dwarf
Serviceberry – Rosaceae Amelanchier alnifolia
Peach Tree -Rosaceae Prunus persica
Semi Dwarf Pear – Rosaceae Pyrus spp.
Cornelian Cherry
American Elm
Slippery Elm
Sand cherry – Rosaceae Prunus pumila

Here are a few links to sources for plants. We are in Zone 4 which is important for selecting varieties.

Example of Permaculture Garden.

Technical Assistance

Are you creative, perhaps a crafter, artist, graphic designer? Do you have a lot of gardening and plant knowledge, or are a you great organizer/host/hostess or logistical thinker ? We need volunteers to help us design and create these next few items, or help us with the cost of printing them! Send us a message to join this effort!

Signage Needed:
Rules signs for safety and plant care
Welcome/info sign(s)
Botanical signs for plant identification/knowledge
Seating for the garden
Art or sculptures to display or hang in the garden

We invite you to sign up to be notified about the upcoming work days and installation days, and you can come and join us in putting this awesome public garden together.

We are actively seeking area residents to help us prep, plant and maintain this landscape. Do you know of an FFA club, 4-H Club, Girl or Boy Scout Troop that would like to do some community service and earn skill badges? We will have Forestry Corps volunteers helping us and its a great opportunity to learn, so you can take the knowledge and apply in your own backyard!

Fill out our volunteer form!

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